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Server Administrator with total 7 years of Linux Server Installation and Troubleshooting,

I am Compatible guy, extensive expertise in all flavors of Linux Version Server installation and troubleshooting.
Good knowledge of installation and maintenance of OS like Redhat 4x,5x, CentOs4x,5x, Fedora, Ubuntu, Gentoo,
Capable of meeting deadlines, willing to learn and adapt to new challenges.
Ability to grasp things easily and quickly and go to the core of the problem.
Self-motivated, quick learner and a good team player.


To pursue a challenging career in Server Administration (Linux) in a dynamic and challenging environment.

OPERATING SYSTEM (Linux) : RHEL 4x, 5x, CentOs 4x,5x, Fedora 6,7, Gentoo, Ubuntu, Kubuntu,
APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT : Firewall (With squid-proxy and samba server, and IPtables, etc.)


Organization: BETTER Inc (San Jose, CA, USA)
BETTERLABS (Aundh, Pune)
Designation: Server Administrator (Linux)
Duration: 13th Nov 2007 till today
Job Profile:
Basically BetterLabs is core Software Development Company in Ruby on Rails also developing
websites in PHP and ASP.NET trying to adopt python and I am in deployment team to manage and deploy above application on server. Company having local server for staging application and own dedicated/Live server for production application and deployment team (me) to manage all server side stuff.

1. To manage all servers, day to day monitoring.
2. To install new Server remotely, setup server repository (Yum, apt-get) and install software and application which is need.
e.g. MySql (Client/Server), Ruby, Rubygem, Rails, ImagemagicK, Rmagick, Xampp, vsFTP etc.
3. Manage SVNand Git repository, and good hands on Subversion Server and Git.
4. To set Capistrano and Rake tasks (recipe) for each and every application.
5. Using Web Proxy Balancer (Mongrel, Thin, Passenger) for the Rails.
6. Creating/Using Customize scripts for Backup (Data backup, Mysql Backup)
7. Many of our Clients are on Ec2/S3 Instance (AMAZON)., Manage with EBS,ELB.
1. Hands on Web Server Apache, Nignx, Jetty( javabased), Tomcat /Goldfish.
2. Familiar with RVM deployment and gem libraries.
3. Familiar with live servers which is Redhat and Debian based.
4. Good knowledge of Open social and Facebook application configuration server side.
5. Mysql Master/Slave Replication management.
6. Familiar with Mail server and MTA e.g. Sendmail,Postfix,Exim, (With Relay/AuthSMTP)
7. LVM management
8. Familiar with samba server.

Key Skills:
1. Servers (Web) -
Apache, Nginx, Jetty, Tomcat, Perlbal(for rails).
2. Advance -
Rails with Capistrano deployment
Mod proxy Balancer – Thin, Mongrel, Passanger, Jetty.
Mvn Life cycle build Jetty+Jruby, Goldfish
Php+web deployment setup, Configuration and Maintenance.
3. Database:-
Mysql Master/Slave and Master-Master-slave-slave Setup/Configuration replication and backup.
Sqlite its is filebased db Config setup.
Experience with MongoDB.
4. Version Control System:
SVN: Subversion server management
Git: Github Management.
5. Monitoring and Maintenance Scripts- Shell Scripts and Ruby Scripts.
Auto Monitoring for process control for major services, with daemon and cron.
e.g. Mysql : DB backup script and mysql server and send Alert with Log.
Apache server monitoring and send Alert with log. Website monitoring script.
server stat setup for all server ,
6. Amazon / Rackspace cloud -
Setting up Ec2/S3 on aws with EBS, ELB (Elastic Load Balancer) configuration and deployment.
Cloud watch system.
Same as Setting up Rackspace cloud server, monitoring and daily maintenance.
Image bundle, backup/restore, CDN.
7. OpenSolaris-
I am just started work with OS. ZFS snapshot and Zone configuration and management.
8. Mail server -
Postfix, Sendmail, Exim Installation/configuration and maintenance.
Setup with (AuthSMTP) relay on EC2 as SMTP server.
9. Hosting Management-
DNS setting up zones, configure and management. e.g. Domain Transfer, Failover solution use.
10. Shell scripting-
I like to use shell script in daily tasks, its saves time and use to automate the process.
I write custom shell script for backup and server and major services monitoring, used in
application deployment.
11. Cloud Computing-
I have experience with Cloud computing to create private and public cloud using Openstack.
For one of project need.

12 Team Member one of our project. Content Filter Firewall Solution.
Squid based Proxy content filter, squid Acl logic and integration with php.
Simple UI to :
a) set policy management,
b) backup and restore.
c) map with Ip address and Pam based. Authentication.
d) bandwidth and download restriction.
e) user and group management , and define policy.
f) license matching backend.

(Software Technology Park India Ambad, Nashik)
Designation: Technical Support Engineer
Duration: 19th Oct 2006 to 11th Nov 2007
Job Profile: Aress India is Hosting Company (24×7), and support to outsourcing. I am working as Technical Support Executive in Company and I am familiar with Ticket base systems and Chat Support, Project planning, migration of server, to handled various Control Panel.
1. To Provide Technical support for hosting companies.
2. Server Administration: To manage servers’ based on Windows 2000/2003 & Linux based servers.
3. Installations on remote Linux & Windows servers. For e.g.: PHP, Control Panels, etc.
4. Maintaining websites located on the servers both dedicated as well as shared.
5. Troubleshooting website & server related issues.
6. Troubleshooting SQL server problems & Front Page issues.

1. Managing websites on the servers.
2. Trouble shooting problems related to Apache, FTP, DSN, DNS, Mail servers, Restarting & configuring web services,
Http, ftp, NFS,NIS, samba,etc..
3. Well versed with Windows & Linux servers.
4. Remote Installations on Linux/Windows Servers.
5. Correcting Configuration files.
6. Trouble shooting scripting issues.
7. Server monitoring and load balancing.
8. Handling different Web Hosting Control Panels
9. Friendly with VPS (virtual private server) and Virtuozzo.
Authorized Service Provider HP
Designation: Senior Customer Support Engineer
Duration: 5th June 2006 To 19th Oct 2006
Job Profile
Posted as a Resident Engineer in Mahindra and Mahindra. (Nashik).
As a Senior customer support Engineer in Compushop Techno India Pvt. Ltd to support various
HP customers in Maharashtra,. Support, installation and maintenance of HP Server, HP Workstation
Mahindra and Mahindra is a biggest site for Compushop Techno services as well as for HP, we where
supporting HP Desktop And Server installation and troubleshooting.


Diploma in Computer Technology
K.K.Wagh Engineering College, Nasik.
Year: 2003


RedHat Certified Engineer (RHEL 4)
RedHat Certified Technician (RHCT) (90%)
RedHat Certified Engineer (RHCE) (96.4%)
RHCE Certification number: 804007868224128


Date Of Birth : 14th Oct 1982
Marital Status : Married
Languages : English, Hindi, Marathi
Nationality : Indian.
Current Address : FlatNo.10,Sai Vihar Society,Near PCMC Garden, Near
SuryaNagari Pimple Gurav Pune
Permanent Address : Flat 9, Ramayan Appt. Khutwad nagar Behind ITI,
Near CITU Bhavan Nashik- 411027
Contact Number : 9373920803
E-mail ID : ,
Skype ID : shriikant
Passport No. : H9790232

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