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United States (Washington, DC, VA)

About Me

I’ve been designing, developing and maintaining web applications in Rails since 2006. In the time I’ve focused on a wide array of technical problems, from schema design, to payments processing to UX design and marketing.

Since 2013 I’ve taken on management responsibilities in my daily life, focusing on team building, project management, estimations, roadmap planning and technical costs.

For Mentees Applying:

I’m taking a bit of a different approach to this process. I’ll be maintaining an open source, full stack, Rails application that we’ll be working on together. It has elements of database design, API architecture, admin interfaces and a mobile frontend. It will be deployed in a production environment. I’ll be providing direction for what can be improved depending on what you have the most interest in learning.

I’m doing things this way going forward for a few reasons. Most Mentees are seeking some level of real world experience but don’t have a personal venture that fits the bill. As a result, they come with a few questions about a focused bit of code and the relationship centers around that for no more than a few days or, at most, one or two weeks. This relationship isn’t valuable for either the Mentee or myself. Essentially, I’m attempting to cultivate a more longstanding relationship here.

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