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United States (San Francisco/East Bay Area, CA)

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About Me

Ken is a serial technologist, agile cheerleader and open source advocate. He is a sporadic blogger; an unpredictable tweeter; a recovering SCUBA instructor; an erstwhile master of vessels steam and sail; but most of all; a devoted husband and father. His sons thinks he’s cooler than anything. (Well, most of the time.)

Ken helps engineering teams grow and adapt to rapid, frequent change. He is an accomplished software engineer with decades of experience ranging from startups to enterprise and domains in finance, services, social, retail and education. He has the generalist’s ability to see the whole, and yet, drill down into the gritty details of a project to get things done. While not necessarily a specialist, Ken’s tends to work in Agile/XP work environments, with small, often remote teams.

Ken hates talking about himself in the third person, but is a shy, humble soul.

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