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United Kingdom (Manchester)

Website: http://ianmoss.com

About Me

I’ve been using Ruby on Rails for a few years in a commercial environment producing
-a document management and workflow system: http://getWorkHub.com
-A Business Listings & Ratings site:
-An ecommerce and auction site for designer clothing: http://www.offcasey.com
-A Resource & Scheduling application: http://malinkoApp.com

I’ve been involved in setting up Manchester’s co-working facility: http://flythe.coop and started a series of hack days: http://tyoc.co.uk

Outside of the tech scene, I’ve also been involved in setting up a badminton club ( http://eastmanchesterbadminton.co.uk ), and enjoy walking and photography, as well as listening to far too much much music ( http://last.fm/users/rock666 )

Thanks to Mike J for introducing me to Rails. I’ve also been passing on the knowledge to a couple of other people, and am keen to keep occasionally helping new people start off. Need a hand?

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