Testimonials for Anuj Dutta

avatar Great experience, I reached my goal in a single morning and a few emails :)

- Sergio

avatar he's the bomb, brought me from nothing to something, i have built loads of app,courtesy of his assistance, he is so patient, and dedicates loads of his time, words cant express how much he has done for me

- Abejide Ayodele

avatar Anuj is brilliant. He helped me sort out my issue in 30 minutes and 4 hours of IRC and StackOverflow couldn't do the same. Really friendly too. Highly recommended.

- Pawel

avatar he answered all my questions, has everything you need to have a good mentor, empathy, commitment to students and most importantly, real knowledge, just a couple of emails answered my questions, even when he wrote me forget to ask to see if I had solved my proble, just thanks.

- suely

avatar I have never had a mentoring experience before and so far I must say this mentor, Anuj Dutta, has helped me immensely and even though I am a rails beginner, his knowledge, will to help and patience were of extreme importance in my rails learning curve. Words are not enough, a big big thank you. This is a highly recommended mentor.

- Miguel

avatar Began studying code online 1 month ago. Created my own website.

- Georgie

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